How do I make my sugar daddy happy?

How do I make my sugar daddy happy?

Like every good sugar baby, you decided to win over your sugar daddy so that he pampers you and praises you as you deserve. Here are some tips to help him stay with you longer and continue to fill you with gifts and meet your needs.

1. We must find a way to understand psychologically how our sugar daddy works, before deciding to connect with him to be his successful sugar baby. Every relationship is different, so you must understand their way of being and take advantage of that in your favor. It is good to intelligently study if you have mood swings, which make you funny and the things that annoy you to avoid at all costs.

Not all sugar daddies are the same, and sometimes the first date can be a disaster, keep in mind that some have more experience than others. To understand how to work, his mind is important more than one date; although the first impression counts a lot little by little, it is how people are understood.

2. As your sugar baby, your job is to make sure your sugar daddy is happy. If you keep him satisfied, he also guarantees your happiness and that, in turn, ensures that he will continue to give you the money and gifts you want. Increase your self-esteem; Know his achievements and learn from him. Try to always put on a smile and have a positive frame of mind. You must know the line that should not be crossed. If at any time you sacrifice your well being to give him something that he asks you, it may be time to rethink it.

3. You have to appreciate what your sugar daddy gives you. It would help if you made him see that he makes you happy and appreciate everything he does for you. Getting used to receiving gifts sometimes makes you lose the illusion of the first few times. If you don't want to lose him, don't lose the emotion of each contribution. Maintaining the excitement from the beginning will not only make you happier but also him.

4. A sugar daddy riding a Harley is not the same as one riding a Jaguar. Each person has their style. If you like the type that your sugar daddy has, try to be consistent with it. Makeup is important, and knowing what to wear in each situation as well. Do not cut yourself if you need some clothes according to his tastes but do not lose your essence. If we are going to, he likes you for who you are. Do not lose your innocence; older men like innocent babies, being a sweet and innocent girl, will open many doors for you.

5. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication on your part to keep a sugar daddy. Be smart and have a great sense of humor. An intelligent, emotionally mature baby, reasonably well-mannered, and self-confident will be pleasant company for sugar daddies. Education is very important. If you are worried about not being up to par, you can take a protocol course to improve your daddy attitude, you must have a good memory, do not forget their tastes, appointments, birthdays, etc. If you do not have a good memory, you can use techniques to remember important things about your daddy or dates or use a diary to write about the appointments you have had.

6. It is important to respect your privacy. Don't ask too many questions that may be uncomfortable.

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